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Services & Project Engineering

Services & Project Engineering

Meever USA is your specialist in delivering made-to-order steel that complies to your exact wishes and requirements. We thereby provide you of all fabricating operations such as welding, sawing, cutting, blasting, coating and watertight seals.

This is also shown in the mission statement of Meever USA: delivering advice and high-quality Steel products to support construction and engineering companies, governments and contractors in order to enable them to successfully implement groundwork, road constructions, railways and civil engineering projects.

With our highly qualified employees we can provide you with fast and dependable support for all your questions and orders.

Meever USA delivers all its Steel from stock or production with a very short lead time. We can fulfill your delivery requests because of our various stock locations across the US. We also have a large stock of used Steel in which we can provide you directly.

In conjunction with several welding and construction engineering specialists, we can deliver special structures and construction such as guard walls, box sections and ‘combi piles’ for combined Sheet Piling Walls. At your request we can also apply coating to the sections you require to delay the corrosion process and/or for aesthetic reasons.

Our continuous focus on our customers has made Meever USA a major international steel supplier. This customer focus is demonstrated in various ways:

Furthermore, we have established an excellent reputation for delivering high-quality new and used steel.