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Interlock Sealing

With any Sheet Pile project where potential water leakage through the wall presents a problem, sealing the interlocks may be required. We can seal or weld the middle Interlock of a pair which gives a 100% water tight seal. This solution is ideal when Sheet Piles are already paired and applying a sealant in the middle Interlock is complicated.

The other option is to apply Interlock Sealant which drastically decreased the chance of water leaking through the Interlocks. It can be used with all types of Hot Rolled and Cold Formed Sheet Piling Interlocks.

Hydrophilic sealant

Hydrophilic Sealants have the ability to swell up to multiple times its original volume when it’s in contact with water and it will seal off the locks. It can be applied before delivery to the jobsite but this sealant is also very easy to install in the field. Field installation increases the effectiveness of the sealant. An example of a hydrophilic sealant is the Meever Expanding Seal.

Bituminous sealant

Bituminous sealant is a rubbery black substance that is heated to make it more fluid and easy to install in the Sheet Pile Interlocks. When it cools down it stays in place and creates a good seal between the Sheet Pile Interlocks. An example of a Bituminous sealant is Pertex S.