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Trench Sheets

Trench Sheets, also referred to as Trench Sheet Piles, are manufactured by Intra BV to meet the specific needs and preferences of our customers. Our Trench Sheets are readily available from our stock or directly from our production facility.

Trench Sheetss offer exceptional versatility and can be applied across a wide spectrum of construction projects. Typically crafted from lightweight materials, they are easy to handle and install. Their lightness facilitates efficient transportation, thereby reducing logistical complexities at construction sites, which in turn enhances productivity and allows faster installation.

Trench Sheets serve both temporary and permanent projects. Their robustness and flexibility, combined with their easy removal, allow for reuse in various project contexts, contributing to sustainability by potentially reducing project carbon footprints. Moreover, Trench Sheets enhance stability, prevent erosion, and increase the structural integrity of surrounding areas.

Every project has unique requirements. Our engineers would love to help finding the best suitable Trench Sheet for your project, considering all relevant aspects to ensure optimal performance and effectiveness.

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