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Vinyl and
FRP Piling

Vinyl and FRP Piling

Vinyl Sheet Piles are one of the latest solutions Meever USA offers their customers against earth retention and as excavation support construction material. With our corrosion protection there is no oxidation when the Vinyl Sheet Piles are exposed to seawater. Vinyl Sheet piling also known as Synthetic Sheet Piling, Plastic Sheet Piles and PVC Sheet Piles. 

Due to its superior corrosion resistance, Vinyl Sheet Piles can be installed with the confidence of performance even after 50 years. All Sheet Piles ensure Consistent Appearance, this includes an aesthetic finish. They are also resistant to harmful ultraviolet exposure.


Applicable Projects

Vinyl Sheet Piles can be used for various construction requirements and purposes. A few examples are: water control, retaining wall, erosion control, light marine construction, embankment works & road construction, flood protection and revetment works.

With Meever’s world-wide resources, we can fabricate and deliver Sheet Piles to any project requirements. Please contact us for a cost estimate.