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Cold Formed
Sheet Piles

Cold Formed Sheet Piles

There is a wide variety of different Cold Formed Sheet Pile sections available in the piling market. Meever USA selects the most competitive sections that meet or exceed the project requirements and at the same time we consider the best lead time and Pile drivability based on the soil conditions and use of equipment.

Meever USA offers a more precise manufacturing process for Cold Formed Sheet Piles. We now offer an exclusive proprietary method to produce Cold Formed Sheet Piles. The Sheet Piles are formed in the required shape with a very precise interlock. Therefore, We call the Cold Formed Sheet Pile “PRECISION PILE”.

Meever USA believes this revolutionary process will change the dynamics of the cold formed sheet pile industry. See our IBO and VKZ sheet pile series.

We offer cold formed Sheet Piles in 3 different shapes.