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Hot Rolled
Sheet Piles

Hot Rolled Sheet Piles

Meever & Meever offers a wide variety of Hot Rolled Sheet Pile sections from stock or straight from production. These Sheet Piles are designed and produced according to the customer’s specific demands. The dimensions, weight and technical specifications of these Sheet Piles can match the exact specifications which are required in the building- and project plans.

We have U-shaped and Z-shaped Hot Rolled Sheet Piles available in our delivery program. They are suitable in various constructions, and we have them available in thicknesses from 4 mm (light) up to 15 mm (heavy) in lengths up to 24 meters or even longer on request.

U-sections advantages

Z-sections advantages

ESZ Profiles

Meever USA’s ESZ Sheet Piles are carefully crafted from top-grade Hot-Rolled Steel, ensuring durability even in demanding construction conditions. We have ESZ Profiles in stock in ASTM A572 GR60 with lengths of up to 80 ft. Longer lengths can be provided upon request.

ZZ Profiles

The ZZ Sheet Piles are manufactured using high-quality Hot Rolled steel, ensuring the strength to withstand demanding construction conditions. Our ZZ Profiles are produced to Gr. 60 and Meever USA has lengths up to 80 ft available from stock, longer lengths available upon request.

Smart Steel Solutions

In a rapidly changing world with a constant focus of the reduction of CO₂ emissions we want to swim along with the current. We do so by providing our customers with smart steel solutions; tailor-made and in-house produced steel products. With the requirements of the project in mind, we are able to provide our customer with the best suitable solution and tailor-made product. Together with our latest sustainable developments we will deliver steel products in which less steel is needed, or the steel used is recycled, and still adhere to the wishes and requirements of the customer.

Meever USA

Meever USA is your specialist in delivering made-to-order Steel that complies to your exact wishes and requirements. Thereby we provide you of all fabricating operations such as welding, sawing, cutting, blasting, coating and watertight seals.

We deliver all of our Steel from stock or production with a very short lead time. Our ability to meet your delivery requirements is enhanced by our strategically located stock facilities throughout the US. Additionally, we maintain a substantial inventory of used steel, enabling us to immediate supply to meet your specific needs.