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The Meever Modular Bracing System in Orlando

The Meever Modular Bracing System in Orlando

Meever USA successfully delivered our iconic yellow Bracing System in Orlando. Our Patented Mechanical Modular Bracing System offers great benefits, such as creating a safer working environment, which was among others one of the goals for this project. The removable hydraulic rams created a safe working environment by ensuring that the load was not under constant hydraulic pressure which created a static temporary support System.

Our Bracing Modules are expertly made with pins to ensure that forces are safely introduced into the Bracing. To make excavations more secure, Meever Bracing offers a preliminary design outlining the plates and thereby the quantity required. With our Patented Bracing System, you can effortlessly secure Steel U & Z Sheet Piles and Trench Shoring. The flexibility of our System allows it to accommodate a wide range of sizes and shapes without limitations!

Would you like to know more about our unique Patented Meever Bracing System? Please contact our specialists! We would love to give you the best advice for you and your project.

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